Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tape your mouth shut...

So I created a skirt for the black project and this is how it turned out, The waistband is knitted video tape which took forever!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


So I recently came back from Istanbul and I loved it so much, here are some of my favourite photos...


Here are some other nails I did recently!


So I have been told by many people that I should put pictures of the different nails that I design on my blog, so here they are ... I am slightly addicted to nail varnish as I have 60 different colours so I love painting my nails!


So we all got given a colour for this project and I ended up with black which is harder then people think to work with, we had to create a moodboard and these are the different ones I came up with!

This is the one I chose to do

So I haven't posted in a while but here is the final book I came up with for my egg project...

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

So I am continuing with the egg theme and here is a photo of the drawing I did of the trinket box...

I then went on to make this drawing into a pattern in a variety of colours and styles:

 I have also decided that the pages in my book, 50 things to do with eggs, will be drawn insatructions so I have been drawing some recipies...

Finally I made a chicken that I hope will sit on my egg shaped book, and complete the look I am going for!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Booking a Charity...

Our first proper project is called Booking a Charity, we had to go to a charity shop and buy an abject which we would get inspration from to eventually create a book which shouldn't be a generic ring bound one...
I found this trinket box in Oxfam
I have decided to move on to look at eggs, linking to the shape of the object, and that fact that it is different. I am going to create a book that is 100 things to do with eggs, both conventional and uncoventional. So far I have blown and painted eggs and will ues them as one of the ideas, I also hop to grow cress egg heads and experiment with food art.

Our first project back after christmas was to create a welcome video for a Danish College that we are corresponding with, here is our final video...


So I'm hoping to go to either,Buckinghamshire New University, Lougborough, Bath Spa, Leeds University or Bournemouth Arts Uni so I had to create a portfolio of my pages, here are the final ones...
A2 Coursework

A2 Exam


Intensive Drawing



A Bright Idea
Umbrella Fashion
Altered Images

Fingers crossed that I get in somewhere...
The next project that we moved on to was bright ideas in which we had to create a series of images of light sculptures, here are the final ones I chose...
Balloons over wire and then over fairy lights

Mirrors and glue

Closeup of mirror with glue

Sculpture made from melted boiled sweets
close up of balloon sculpture

more sweets with a candle in
Sweets on chicken wire
carboard shapes on a stick inspired by the cafe at Little Hampton
carboard shapes sewn into and glue gunned on an OAP

Mirror sculpture

I particularly like the sweet sculptures because they looked really good with a light in and it was an idea that no one else had though of.