Friday, 4 November 2011

At the beginning of the week we were told we were doing an animation project, part of it would be linked to spiders webs. I helped to make two large webs at college and I created this cut out inspired by Rob Ryan and spiders and their webs.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Having been recently given a soldering iron as an early birthday present, I decided to create pieces of jewellery from the the metal ends of the umbrella frames. I created this ring and these earrings, I really like that they aren't perfectly neat and instead are a little disjointed.

Friday, 28 October 2011

 I love creating the pattern above as I felt the textured background really worked so I used in some of my other images.

The images are slightly blurry but this is the leaflet I created for my typography project. I was given the letter N and then the words No Entry. I made the whole leaflet from metal and I headted the covers to make the pattern on the cover. Each of the leaflet pages have been created by printing images I had previously drawn on to acetate and then painting in the white backgrounds. I hinged the leflet and I think that fact that it is bolted in adds to the locked in effect. One side of the leaflet featured the more monochrome images, whereas the other side showed the coloured images and was a little more interactive with flaps. I wanted to display the many meanings of no entry using soft versus hard imagery.

This is the final piece I created inspired by umbrellas. The whole dress is made from umbrella material and I plan to create jewellery using the umbrella frames. The skirt of the dress has been cut into circles to create interesting patterns and then I was able to use the circles that were cut out on the bodice.

These umbrella sections I created bu cutting paper. I am hugely inspired by Rob Ryan as you may have seen previously and these are the biggest cutouts I have created. They all feature lyrics from different songs linked to rain.
For the current umbrella project I created this mask using the handle of an umbrella so that it is adjustable, and also the materiaL from the umbrella.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

For the same umbrella project I created the cover for the umbrella frame from strips of material woven between the bars. I really liked the look of this however I wanted to feel challenged so I turned the umbrella into the basket above !
For our most recent project were each given an object and eventually we will have to make an outfit from it. I was given umbrella and I created this pattern from some of the images I took of my friend.

Friday, 14 October 2011

I really love Rob Ryans cutouts and so for my parents 25th wedding anniversary so I created this book of family photos. The front cover is one big cutout that I created in one day. I feel the black colour of the paper really makes it stand out!

These are some images that we had to create for a stereotypes project. We picked two opposite stereotypes, a builder and dominatrix. I was used as the model and then acrylic paint was applied almost all over me to create my personnas. I really enjoyed this shoot but it was just quite hard to get the paint off afterwards!

These pieces I created for my final pieces over the summer, to go with the earlier posted graphic top. They were all created by taking old photographs, making them black and white, adding frames and then upping the contrast. They were then printed on to iron on transfer paper. I really like the effect I created. The above image displays the tassles on one of the t-shirts, which I knoted and then wrote them names of all my family members on to make it more personal.

                The pattern above was created with phesant feathers and then scanned in and repeated.

This pattern below was created with strips of material and then scanned in and repeated.  

I created these images for my coursework for A level. I drew inspiration from the pheonix on the front of the Harry Potter book. I really like the pheonix imagery but found the feathers were far more striking.